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The most predominate haplogroups determined for modern day Hendersons thus far have been Haplogroups  (R),and (I) and (J).   Other Haplogroups also are represented in the Henderson bloodline world-wide but to a lesser degree.  (See explanation of common Henderson Surname Haplogroups below)





Haplogroup R:  This group is believed to have arisen around 24,000–34,000 years ago (Karafet 2008), somewhere in South Asia or Central Asia,

Haplogroup I:  This group is predominantly a European haplogroup and it is considered the only native European Haplogroup. Today it can be found in the majority of present-day European populations with peaks in Northern and South-Eastern Europe.

Haplogroup J:  This group is believed to have arisen roughly 31,700 years ago in Southwest Asia.  The subgroups probably entered Europe through the Balkan track then subsequently split into the Middle East and Europe.  Haplogroup J is found in greatest concentration in the southwestern Arabian Peninsula.

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