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A person is born into the Clan–a person chooses to join the Society.

The Clan Henderson Society, Inc., also called “CHS” or just “the Society”, exists, at the pleasure of the Chief of the Henderson Name and Arms, to gather the Clan.  The CHS accepts members under the condition that they work to support the goals of the Society.

    The Society functions by creating an administrative organizationand in turn, helping folks identify their genealogy, promoting knowledge through publications and the web, , by recognizing individuals’ contributions and by promoting the specific goals of the Society.

   The President and the Executive Board officers of the Society are elected by the Society at large.  Within the Society, the President seeks out individuals to serve as Commissioners and as members of the Oes Dana.


Since it’s formation in 1988, the Society continues to grow and today has “gathered” over 4600 members in the U.S. and eleven other countries.  The Society’s 501 c (3) status in the United States includes a recognition program and an educational scholarship program for students of Scottish culture and heritage, and an intensive history and genealogy effort of the clan.  Volunteer members have accomplished all of our progress.