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The Chiefs Order is a medal awarded for recognition of service to the Clan or Society.

CROOKS Kathleen W. Founding Member, Convenor, COSCA Rep
GAY Elizabeth P. Founding Member, Editor Family Tree
HENDERSON A. Kyle Founding Member, Piper
HENDERSON David S. Founding Member, VP, VP-General Council
HENDERSON Douglas C. Founding Member, Chaplain
HENDERSON George C. Founding Member, SE Commissioner
HENDERSON Claude A. Founding Member, Sec/Treas, President
HENDERSON Russell L. Founding Member, Ed An Canach, ME Commissioner, VP
LOFTIN Horace Founding Member, Genealogist
PARRISH Walter M. “Toby” Founding Member, President
PHILLIPS Larry Mae SP Commissioner
MADDOX Rex Head of the Bodyguard
HENDERSON BG Jeff S., II ME Commissioner
HENDERSON Robert H. SW Commissioner
HENDERSON Warren C. Quartermaster, MS Bodyguard Ldr, Convenor
KEIFER Harry J. Convenor
McCARL Dr. Henry N. MS Commissioner, Secretary
HENDERSON John W. Canadian Commissioner
HENDERSON Thomas P. MS Commissioner
MADDOX Pat Plenipotentiary, Genealogist, COSCA Rep
PHILLIPS Robert E., Sr. Convenor
HENDERSON Cairns W. Canadian East Convenor
HENDERSON Donald A. NP Bodyguard Leader
HENDERSON Robert H. Genealogist
HESTON Christi A. Treasurer
McHENRY John T. McHenry NE Bodyguard Leader
WHITTY Paul B. Kentucky Convenor, MS Region
HENDERSON Mark C. Convenor, Printer An Canach
McELDOWNEY John H., Jr. SW Deputy, Convenor
REDMON Rex H. Convenor
BARNETT Derl Henderson NC Commissioner
HENDERSON Dottie Convenor, Secretary
HENDERSON Douglas W. GL Commissioner
HENDERSON Gary NE Commissioner
HENDERSON Scott Oregon Convenor/NP Bodyguard Leader
KEIFER Suzanne Convenor, COSCA Rep
PHILLIPS Robert E., Jr. SP Bodyguard Leader
BUTLER Donna Lee Canadian Genealogist
WELLS Carol Genealogist
HENDERSON Billy J. MS Commissioner
HENDERSON Dr. Donald A. Service to mankind
HENDERSON H. Shorty Bannerman
HENDERSON J. Michael ME Commissioner, Convenor
GARIN Christian Convenor, ME Deputy
HENDERSON Thomas C. Henderson Michigan Convenor, GL Region
HOFFMAN Richard Texas Convenor, FS Region
HOFFMAN Sue Texas Convenor, FS Region
HENDERSON Kevin D. Athlete
HENDERSON William E. New Jersey Convenor, ME Region
HICKS Leon C. ME Commissioner
THIRY Kenneth, Jr. FS Commissioner
THIRY Laura FS Commissioner
HENDERSON David C. GL Bodyguard Leader, Webmaster
SANFORD C. Frederick Chaplain
MALEY Carol Maley Membership Secretary
McCLENDON Jerry McClendon Genealogist
MURPHEY Steve Murphy Treasurer
WALKER John Walker Convenor
WALKER Margaret Walker Convenor
YOUNG Dennis Young Convenor
YOUNG Pam Young Convenor
HENDERSON James DNA Administrator
HENDERSON Joe SP Commissioner
HENDERSON Laura ME Convenor
HENDERSON Lee Florida Convenor, ME Commissioner
HENDERSON Major Bruce A. CO of “D” Co
ELDER Anete K. GL Convenor
ELDER Matthew Henderson, III GL Convenor
HENDERSON Lori Henderson MC Commissioner
HENDRICKS Linda FS Commissioner
HENDRICKS Tom FS Commissioner
HENDERSON Claire Clan Supporter
HENDERSON Jean Glencoe Patron
HENDERSON Joan Convenor
HENDERSON Robert W. MC Convenor
HENDERSON Tony Virginia Bodyguard
SANFORD Margaret (Peggy) Convenor SE/MS Regions
SCHWARTZ Gregory Treasurer, Membership Secretary
FRANTA Thomas Convenor ME Region, Convener at Gathering in Edinburgh
DOBRZEN Mary Henderson Convenor, South Pacific Region
HENDERSON David R. Convenor SE Region, NC Bodyguard Leader
MALLERNEE John Clan Bard
BENTLEY Ellen NP Commissioner
HENDERSON Bruce Web-site support, historian, author, focus of a BBC TV show
HENDERSON Larry James Serving President, VP, Convenor
HENDERSON Steve, Sr. Clan Genealogist, Convenor
HENDRICKS Ed SE Commissioner
HESTON Patrick Clan Piper
PHILLIPS Jackie Hawaii Convenor
PHILLIPS Larry Hawaii Convenor