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The First Hendersons Project is the consolidated family tree venue for Clan Henderson Society. This is where all documented relationships in individual Henderson family trees are posted so you can search for common ancestors and find modern cousins you never knew you had. Please follow these instructions for a more successful search.

After you contribute your family line to the First Henderson project, you will be able to see if your Henderson ancestors match those of another participant. If you have not contributed your family tree to the project and would like to do so, go to the pull-down menu in the upper left corner of this page and click on “Become A Contributor” There is no charge for this service.

With your family tree in place, you are ready to search our Henderson database. Go to the following link (RootsWeb.com Search) where you will see the area titled “Advanced Search”. Disregard the top box labed “Search for Your Ancestors” Go below the “First Hendersons in America” title to the box asking for Surname and Given Name. Enter the name of your First Henderson or any Henderson you want to find plus other information requested.

The more information you enter, the more refined your search will be so be sure to enter only information you know to be accurate. Inaccurate information will result in a negative search result. If you get no hits on your first search, delete some of the information in the text boxes to broaden your search and try again.

After a successful search, examine the names you see on screen to determine which ones, if any, are identical matches with your own query. If you find an identical match, you may have found a common ancestor, but there’s more work to do.

You should contact the project administrator who will provide the information needed to exchange information with your newfound cousin. This intermediary exchange is necessary to protect you and other participants from identity theft and Internet SPAM.


IMPORTANT – The information shown in your search result may not be adequately documented. The accurancy of information in your search result relies entirely on the accuracy of the original researchers who provided the information. The genealogy staff of Clan Henderson Society has not verified any genealogy data presented. The objective of this project is to bring Henderson genealogists together to share information, correct errors and verify sources off-line.

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Points of Contact

To learn more about the Clan Henderson DNA Project contact the DNA Project Administrator:

David Henderson

To get personal assistance with DNA or Genealogy related issues, contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA and Genealogy Coordinator. She can answer simple questions and suggest one of over 30 volunteers who might provide assistance. Note: this is a free service, managed by volunteers. First, priority is given to members of the Society. Second, we ask that you have patience--we are not a "for profit" company.

Tracy Rowan DNA and Genealogy Coordinator