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The bagpipes are a traditional instrument with a distinct sound immediately recognizable as Scottish. They are composed of a bag that holds a reservoir of air, the air supply that the piper blows into, and multiple pipes. There are two types of pipes. A chanter is played by piper with both hands, and provides the melody. The drone(s) play continuously. There are number of different styles of bagpipes. The Great Highland Bagpipe is the best known type, and has three drones (one bass and two tenors).  Bagpipe Music (“Going Home”)

 Scottish music features a number of other traditional instruments in addition to the bagpipes. Accordions, Fiddles, Guitars, Harps and Tin Whistles are commonly used in Scottish music.   More info on Folksongs of Scotland

Most associate Scottish music with traditional folk songs. Today, Scotland produces a rich array of music in wide range of genres. Scotland has produced successful bands in rock, pop, jazz, hip-hip, punk, metal, and others.  Highlander Celtic Rock Band

The Clan Henderson Bard

The Clan Henderson Bard provides a cultural base for the Society, by increasing awareness and appreciation of the Scottish Arts, Poetry, Literature, and Scottish Legends and Folktales.  The essence of the duties of the Bard are artistic. As such, the Bard encourages members to develop individual skills in the arts, provides for the development of storytelling, as a way to perpetuate both Scottish and Clan Henderson lore, develops a collection of lore and works of art, establishes a network of artisans, storytellers and performers, and helps display this facet of Clan Henderson at Scottish gatherings and Ceilidhs, whenever possible.

Sample of Songs and Poems performed by John Mallernee, Bard of the Clan Henderson

To Alistair Henderson of Fordell
Ode to Neil Henderson
Auld Alba
Both Sides of the Tweed
Scots Wha Hae