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The cuisine of Scotland can be quite distinctive.

Here is a sampling of some unique, Scottish foods.

Arbroath Smokie: This is a wood-smoked haddock, produced in small family smoke-houses in the town of Arbroath, on the East Coast.

Bannocks (or Oatcakes): These are barley and oat-flour biscuits, which are baked on a gridle. Bannocks are often eaten with cheese.

Scottish Beef: The Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle  breed is renowned for rich and tasty meat, which make excellent steaks.

Scotch Broth or Hotch-Potch: This is a rich stock made by boiling mutton, beef, marrow-bone or chicken. It is poured over a choice of vegetables, which should be diced. Carrots, garden peas, leeks, cabbage, turnips and a stick of celery can all be used. The final consistency should be thick and served piping hot.

Black Bun: This is a very rich fruit cake, made with raisins, currants, finely-chopped peel, chopped almonds and brown sugar with the addition of cinnamon and ginger. It takes its name from the very dark color.

Colcannon: Is a dish found in the Western Islands of Scotland and also in Ireland. It is made from boiled cabbage, carrots, turnip and potatoes. This mixture is then drained and stewed for about 20 minutes in a pan with some butter, seasoned with salt and pepper
and served hot.

Crowdie: Is a simple white cheese, made from the whey of slightly soured milk seasoned with salt and a touch of pepper. The seasoned whey is squeezed in a muslin bag to remove excess water, left aside for two days and then rolled in oats and served.

Scottish Salmon: The Rivers Tay and Tweed are major salmon fisheries in Scotland and since Victorian times these and other rivers have hosted wealthy fishing parties on the estates of the aristocracy. Poaching (illegally catching) salmon is an equally traditional activity.

Bridies: This is an oval delicacy, similar to the Scotch Pie but unlike the pie, filling is crimped into the pastry case. In the centre is placed minced beef, a little suet and a sprinkling of very finely chopped onion. The pastry is then folded over along its longest dimension.

Haggis: Perhaps the best known Scottish dish. Haggis is made from sheep’s offal (or pluck). The windpipe, lungs, heart and liver of the sheep are boiled and then minced. This is mixed with beef suet and lightly toasted oatmeal. This mixture is placed inside the sheep’s stomach, which is sewn closed. The resulting haggis is traditionally cooked by boiling.


And remember…if you eat too much of any of the above delicious foods, you’ll end up looking like this: