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The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Clan Henderson Society. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Clan, all meetings of the Executive Board, and all special meetings.  Additionally, the President shall designate for appointment all officers, as specified in the bylaws.

While the duties are implied by the position, the President is specifically responsible for regular contact with the Chief of Clan Henderson, the Tanist and the High Commissioner of North America.  Additonally, the President ensures the perpetuation of the Clan Henderson  Society  and  the active accomplishment of  Clan Henderson Society objectives and purposes, as set forward in the Constitution.

The President is also the representative of the society to other Scottish clans and associations and speaks for the society.

Vice President – Operations

The Vice President – Operations develops the society’s annual plan and budget based upon input from the national and regional officers.

The submission of an  annual plan helps the leadership look at our organization and allows the Executive Board to make management decisions about the direction of the Society and new opportunities for future growth.  The submission of a budget provides the Executive Board the opportunity to control the  financial destiny of  the society. While the budget remains flexible throughout the year, the Vice President-Operations coordinates the execution of the budget with the Regional Commissioners and the Treasurer and keeps the Executive Board, appraised as appropriate.

Vice President-Members

The VP, Members is responsible for the maintenance of a master membership list to include adding new members to the list, making address, name, and status changes for existing members, and updating renewal information. The membership list is maintained on an Excel Spreadsheet. The VP, Members ensures welcome packets are mailed to new members, renewal reminders are sent to existing members, maintains the An Canach mailing list and provides periodic reports to the Regional Commissioners and the Society at large.  The VP, Members is encouraged to promote ideas and activities that encourage support for the seven goals of the Society.

Vice President – General Counsel

The Vice President – General Counsel is the chief legal officer of the Clan Henderson Society.  Specifically, the Vice President – General Counsel ensures the legal sufficiency of Society activities, provides for the incorporation of the Clan Henderson Society and provides advice to the Clan Henderson Society in all matters of the law.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the Society and for taking the minutes of the Executive Board Meetings and Annual General Meeting.

The records are maintained in a notebook and include the Constitution, the By-Laws, the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting, the Annual General Meeting, and other official records and correspondence related to the Society.

The Recording Secretary also ensures the key leaders of the Society, including the Chief, High Commissioner, Counselors, and the Executive Board, are provided copies of the final AGM minutes and other Executive Board meetings.  The final approved version of all minutes/official documents, including signatures, shall be sent to the President for his or her records. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting are also sent to the editor of the An Canach for publication in the next issue following the annual meeting.

When the Recording Secretary can not be present at a meeting the President or presiding officer will appoint someone to take notes or minutes and that person will be responsible for obtaining signatures or mailings.  Finally, the Recording Secretary takes notes and minutes for other events, as directed by the President.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining books of account, bank accounts, the preparation of financial reports and the preparation and filing of Federal Non Profit Organization Activity Reports on Form 990. The Treasurer also communicates with the officers, Regional Commissioners, and convenors on an “as needed” basis.

The Treasurer is responsible for all funds deposited to and disbursed from the Clan bank accounts.

The Regional Commissioner

There are eleven (11) Regional Commissoners, incorporating specific states as their regional geography.  Each Regional Commissioner (RC) is the primary Society Leader/Representative for his/her Region. The RC seeks out and gathers support to sustain membership and further the goals and objectives of the Society.  The RC puts together a management team to support activities in the Region, prepares and manages an annual budget, supports the Clan Awards and Scholarship Programs, supports youth programs and helps develop leadership within the Society.  The RC is responsible for appointing various “Convenors’ for Games and Gatherings in the Region and for providing logisitcal and leadership support.  The RC’s approve BodyGuard applications and forward them to the head of the bodyguard for final approval.  The RC’s have a regional awards program that they manage.  Regional Commissioners serve at the pleasure of the CHS President.

Clan Piper

The Clan Piper coordinates the piping activities of Clan Henderson, gathers and maintains a listing of proficient pipers that may be contacted to provide pipe music; promotes interest and education in playing the pipes; supports Clan Henderson gatherings and Ceilidhs, as much as possible, and provides for regular publication of articles on piping in An Canach.

Clan Genealogist

The Clan Genealogist receives, catalogs, and maintains genealogical records on the various member families, encourages and provides assistance for individual genealogical research, and provides for regular publication of information relative to this area through An Canach and on the web-site.

The Clan Genealogist maintains an expanded computerized data base of Henderson Family Branches identifying single family pedigrees but also finding the many connections between these pedigrees. He or she works regularly with members of the Society and others of Henderson ancestry.  The Clan Genealogist helps build relational knowledge with members of the Society. He or she works with individual members, other genealogists, and other interested persons to expand Henderson archives located at the Odom genealogical library in Moultrie, Georgia. He or she manages the Henderson Family Tree portion of the web-site.

Clan DNA Administrator

The Clan Henderson DNA Administrator will maintain the Henderson DNA Web site and its functions, making changes as needed to ensure both relevancy and the up-to date status of information.  The DNA Administrator posts current information to the web-site, including participant DNA signature results.  The DNA Administrator receives all requests to join the project and ensures a DNA sample kit is mailed to each new participant.  The DNA Administrator monitors the return of DNA sample kits and tracks when samples are returned to the vendor lab for processing.  Once a sample is processed and results posted on the vendor ’s (Family Tree DNA) website, the results are copied by the DNA Administrator to the Henderson DNA project website for comparison with other participants according to the protocol of organization found on the web page titled “Project Results”.  Both Y-DNA results and mtDNA results will be posted to separate tables.  The DNA Administrator notifies participants when a DNA match is found with another participant and helps answer questions about results.  The DNA Administrator maintains a log of emerging conclusions regarding the different families lines identified by DNA results and attempts to link those family lines to paper-based research.  The  overarching goal of the Henderson DNA project–and hence the DNA Administrator– is to accumulate DNA results that correlate to the various historic origins of the Henderson name in Scotland.

Head of the Bodyguard

The Head of the Bodyguard is responsible for the management of the Henderson Bodyguard program. He will establish procedures for the operation and organization of the Bodyguard and set standards and rules of behavior.  He institutes directives for the procedural aspects of participation at gatherings, parades, processions, weddings, funerals and other activities where the Clan gathers and members of the Bodyguard participate.  The Head of the Bodyguard ensures that each Bodyguard member understands the purpose of the Bodyguard is to support Regional Commissioners and Convenors at events where the Hendersons intend to set up a tent and/or participate in a Scottish or Celtic event.  The Head of the Bodyguard ensures that each Bodyguard member understands how to establish appropriate ceremonial procedures re: Clan participation in parades, torchlight ceremonies, the “Calling of the Clans” and the Clan “Walkabout”.  The Head of the Bodyguard shall ensure each State Bodyguard Leader is notified when the Chief, a Chieftain, or the Tanist is to be present at an event, in order that a Bodyguard presence can be assured.  The Head of the Bodyguard is the final approval authority for membership in the Bodyguard and he will maintain a listing of all authorized Bodyguard members by State.  Although being a member of  the bodyguard rests with the Head of the Bodyguard and State Bodyguard Leader titles are mandated by the Regional Commissioners (RC), in consultation with the Head of the Body and those leaders serve at the pleasure of the RC.

Clan Chaplain

The Clan Chaplain serves the spiritual needs of Clan Henderson. He has a regular column in An Canach, provides comfort directly to our kin, and writes our farewell in Flowers of the Forest. His ministry extends through personal correspondence and contact.  Any member of the Clan may contact the Chaplain directly. Inasmuch as one of our purposes is to ensure the wellness of the family, any Convenor can also pass along information about kin—their joys and their sorrows. Regional Commissioners may designate a chaplain for their regions.

Clan Bard

The Clan Bard provides a cultural base for Clan Henderson, by increasing awareness and appreciation of the Scottish Arts, Poetry and Literature, Scottish Legends and Folktales.  The Clan Bard encourages members to develop individual skills in the Arts, provide for the development of storytelling, as a way to perpetuate both Scottish lore and Clan Henderson lore.  He or she assists in the development of a collection of Henderson lore and works of art, helps establish a network of artisans, storytellers and performers, and displays this facet of Clan Henderson at Scottish gatherings and Ceilidhs, whenever possible. The essences of this officer’s duties are creative and the duties will therefore be flexible.

Editor, An Canach

The Editor of the Clan Society newsletter, An Canach, serves as the Public Affairs Officer and  Director of Communications to keep the membership informed, maintain liaison with other publications and Clan Societies, provide for regular publication of An Canach and oversees all official Clan Henderson publications. He informs other publications of Clan activities and in general, promotes awareness of the Clan Henderson Society and its activities.

In addition to the newsletter, this officer has the responsibility to develop and produce all published materials. such as:

  • The Clan Manual—initially produced as the Convenors Handbook to provide convenors guidelines and a standard for representing the society while gathering the clan.  The Clan Manual also provides information about all clan activities, functions to be accomplished by the clan officers, and guidelines for gathering the clan.
  • The Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Our Ceilidh Song Book.
  • Forms required to support our membership.
  • And other items as required.


The Clan Historian conducts and coordinates historical research into Clan Henderson including study of ancestral lands, through the various emigrations, and into the present. In conjunction with the Genealogist, the Historian shall provide for the modern study of Clan Henderson, provide for regular publication in An Canach, and develop displays for the Clan tents at games and festivals.


The Clan Quartermaster (QM) is responsible for ensuring Regional Commissioners are supplied with items or goods for the operational needs events in their respective regions, including Flags and display materials.  The QM maintains a list of vendors that can supply items at reasonable cost and he or she will negotiate best possible prices.  Additionally, the Clan QM is responsible for ordering, inventory and maintenance of Clan materials, to include clothing, badges, pins, tartan material, if they cannot be procurred through thrid party vendors.  The QM will maintain an accurate inventory list of such items.  The QM will transfer inventory items to the Regional Commissioner, who then will become responsible for maintaining an accurate inventory of those items under their control and for remitting any monies (to the Treasurer) collected from on-site sale of items or goods.

Youth Activities  Director

The Youth Activities Director is responsible for ensuring that the juvenile members of Clan Henderson are provided the opportunity to engage in Scottish and other Celtic events as dancers, musicians, athletes, writers and other artistic endeavors.  The Youth Activites Director ensures that the web-site has materials and information of interest to younger members of the Society and that it remains relavant and current.

Clan Webmaster

The Webmaster develops and maintains the clan website, www.ClanHendersonSociety.org, under the direction of the Vice President and in coordination with the Editor, An Canach, as a part of the Public Affairs Committee.  The webmaster also negotiates and maintains a listing of thrid party vendors that can support Clan Henderson members with Materials, clothing, paraphenallia, etc.