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We honor our Kinsmen, who are now unshackled from the toils of everyday life.  They are remembered for lives well lived, as well as the positive impact they had on their families, friends, colleagues and comrades within this Society.

February 2016

HENDERSON, Andrew.  Toronto, CAN

January 2016

HENDERSON, James (Jimmy).  Kirkcaldy, Scotland

HENDERSON, Lee.  Tallahassee, FL

December 2015

HENDERSON, Edith Winifred.  Glasgow, Scotland

October 2015

SANDLER, Jeanine Altemus.  Reisterstown, MD.  Joined in 1998 (15 years).

September 2015

HENDERSON, Gene E.  Colorado Springs, CO.  Joined in 2009 (6 years).

HENDERSON, Jr.  William Lesley.  Forest, VA.  Joined in 1995 (20 years).

August 2015

HENDERSON, John.  Holley, NY.  Joined in 1999 (16 years).

July 2015

MADDOX, Max, COL (USAR, ret.)  Norman, OK.   Brother of advisor to the Chief and Past President, Rex Maddox.

June 2015

MENEES, Majory.  Port Orchard, WA.  Joined in 1989 (26 years).

WILSON, Paula.  Christiansted, Virgin Islands.  Joined in 2014 (1 year).

May 2015

HENDERSON, Charles Victor Philip (“Vic”).  Australia.  WWII RAAF veteran (Bomber Command) and Uncle of Alistair of Fordell, our Chief.

HENDERSON, Robert P.  Brentwood, TN.  Joined in 2008 (7 years).

Apr 2015

JONES. Carl H.  Gainesville, GA.  Joined in 1999 (17 years)

MERRILL, Dean.  The Villages, FL.  Joined in 2011 (4 years)

NIXON, Mary Louise Henderson.  Lakewood, OH.  Joined 1989 (26 years)

Feb 2015

ANDREW, James H.  Jefferson, IA.  Joined 1997 (17 years)

DAVIS, Rowena.  Hopkinsville, KY.  Joined 1995 (8 years)

Nov 2014

OLDFIELD, Dr. William.  Boone, NC.  Member since 2011 (3 years)

PHILLIPS, Bettye J.  Murfreesboro, TN  Joined 1995 (8 years)

RAPPOLD, Charlie Sue.  Richmond, VA.  Member since 2006 (8 years)

Oct 2014

HENDERSON, Dorothy Mae.  Paisley, Scotland

HUSKEY, Patricia Henderson.  Ventura, CA.  Member since 2005 (9 years)

Jul 2014

HENDERSON, Filiberto J. R.  Charlotte, NC.  Member since  1996 (18 years)

Jun 2014

HENDERSON, Doris A.  Ft. Washington, MD.  Member since 1992 (22 years)

Apr 2014

BAILIE, Lorraine E.  Ft. Myers, FL.  Member since 1994 (20 years)

Feb 2014

DOUGHERTY, J. Chrys.  Austin, TX.  Member since 1999 (15 years)

HENDERSON, III, Andrew McKnitt.  Georgetown, SC.  Member since 1989 (24 yrs)

Jan 2014

HENDERSON, Edwin Paul, Sr.  Layfayette, CO  Member since 1997 (17 years)

Oct 2013

PHILLIPS, Larry Mae.  Santa Rosa, CA.  Member since 1989 (24 yrs)

Sep 2013

HENDERSON, Hyrum Senn.  Providence, UT .  Member since 2005 (8 yrs)

HENDERSON, Michele “Mickie” Flavin.  Fairfax, VA.  Member since 2000 (13 yrs)

McHENRY, W. Dennis “Denny”.  Estes Park, CO.  Member since 1995 (18 yrs)

Aug 2013

HENDERSON, Margaret.  Irving, TX.  Member since 1992 (21 yrs)

Jul 2013

BENGSTON, Virginia W.  Santa Cruz, CA.  Member since 1989 (24 yrs)

May 2013

DAFFIN, Charles H.  Charlotte, NC.  Member since 1997  (16 yrs)

Mar 2013

KEITH, Alan Leslie.  Portsmouth, NH.  Member since 2010 (3 yrs)

Feb 2013

HENDERSON, George III.  Gahanna, OH.  Member since 2000 (13 yrs)

SWIFT, Emily.  St. Simons, SC.  Member since 2003 (10 yrs)

Dec 2012

MURPHY, Stephen G.W.  Malvern, PA.  Member since 2001 (11 yrs)

Oct 2012

HENDERSON,  Andrew.  Cary, NC .  Member since 1990 (22 yrs)

HENDERSON, John Lewis, Jr.  Joplin, MO.  Member since 1994 (18 yrs)

Jun 2012

HENDERSON, Dr. John P. Jr.  Kinston, NC.  Member since 1995 (17 yrs)

HENDERSON, Warren Christopher.  West Monroe, LA.  Member since 1990 (22 yrs)

Apr 2012

CATHEY, Boyt Henderson.  Spartanburg, SC.  Member since 1991 (21 yrs)

Feb 2012

HENDERSON, Robert G.  Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Member since 2009 (3 yrs)

Dec 2011

HENDERSON, William L.  Mobile, AL.  Member since 1997  (14 yrs)

WILSON, Elizabeth U.  Etters, PA.  Member since 2010 (1 yr)

GOSS, Kenneth.  Altoona, PA  Member since 1990 (21 yrs)

Nov 2011

HENDERSON, Smedley D.  Jacksonville, FL.  Member since 1996 (15 yrs)

HENDERSON, Janette.  Lynnwood, WA.  Member since 1993 (18 yrs)

DECK, Deborah.  Richmond, VA.  Member since 1990 (21 yrs)

Sep 2011

KING, Omer L., Jr.  Reno, NV.  Member since 1995 (16 yrs)

MAPLES, Ruth Mary.  Amarillo, TX.  Member since 1990 (21 yrs)

Jul 2011

RASTEDE, Virginia S.  Morrison, IL.  Member since 1997 (14 yrs)

Jun 2011

SCHWARTZ, Gregory L.  Minersville, PA.  Member since 2003 (8 yrs)

Feb 2011

HENDERSON, Daniel N.  Reed City, MI.  Member since 1999  (12 yrs)