Join the Clan Henderson Society

All 5 tartans

 Who can join:

* ANY descendant of a MacEanruig (Henderson) family name (or one of it’s variations (e.g. McKendrick, Mc Henry, etc.)

* ANYONE who chooses to join, regardless of family heritage or surname, and who voluntarily agrees to support the:

Objectives and Purposes of the Clan Henderson Society, Inc.

 Encourage Scottish cultural activities including the perpetuation of Scottish dress, traditions and customs.

Promote Scottish festivals, games and gatherings.

Assist in genealogical research.

Promote fellowship and friendship among kith and kin and all clans.

Promote the history, arts and literature of Scotland.

Promote charitable and educational activities.

Help “Gather the Clan”, as demonstrated by joining the Society.

ClanHenderson crest--Stained Glass

Note:  when you join, Pay-Pal gives us all YOUR information, except your spouse and tel #.  Please add it here if applicable.

Spouse’s name:

Direct any questions to:

CHS Vice President, Members:

Mark Henderson –

(540) 221-4642