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By joining the Clan Henderson Society you receive the items listed below but also much much more:

  • An Canach which is published quarterly, under the amazing ability of Russ Henderson, to provide information about the Clan membership, Scottish culture, attire, music, food, events, and genealogy. It is the expression of life in the society as maintained by your contribution of articles, information, and ideas.
  • Genealogical assistance by the clan Genealogist Steve Henderson. He works very hard at¬†entering our clansmember’s pedigrees and finding any links within the current database.
  • Assistance with DNA testing
  • Fellowship within the Clan Henderson Society at Highland Games and other events held around the country and the world.
  • Satisfaction that you are continuing the legacy of assisting in the preservation of Scottish culture and the history of Clan Henderson.

Membership fees are not tax deductible, but it is a small price ($15 US-$20 International) to show pride in this worthy cause.