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Highland Dress is the traditional attire of Scotland.  The most distinctive feature of Highland Dress is the tartan.  A tartan is a pattern of criss-crossed lines of color.  Over the centuries, Scottish Clans adopted standard patterns for clan members.  These tartans are important symbols of the clan.

Scottish men wear kilts, a knee length garment that wraps around the wearer.  In addition to the kilt, men wear a sporran (a small purse worn around the waist), a sgian dubh (a dagger worn on the calf), and ghillies (thick soled shoes with long laces).

Scottish women wear tartans, but in a skirts or arisaid (a full length tartan dress or covering over a white dress). Women also where gillies, but theirs have thinner soles better for dancing.

How to Wear a Kilt

So You Want to Buy a Kilt