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 Henderson  Geography in Canada and the USA


Towns in the United States and Canada with the name Henderson:

Henderson, Morgan County,  Alabama

Henderson,  Pike County,  Alabama

Henderson, Arkansas


Henderson, Colorado

Henderson, Georgia

Henderson, Knox County, Illinois

Henderson, Macoupin County, Illinois

Henderson, Indiana

Henderson, Iowa

Henderson, Kentucky

Henderson, Louisiana

Henderson, Maryland

Henderson, Michigan

Henderson, Minnesota

Henderson, Minnesota

Henderson, Mississippi

Henderson, Missouri

Henderson, Montana

Henderson, Nebraska

Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, New York

Henderson, North Carolina

Henderson, Ontario

Henderson, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

Henderson, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Henderson Grove, Illinois

Henderson Harbor, New York

Henderson Heights, Delaware

Henderson Heights, Georgia

Henderson Heights, Ohio

Henderson Mill, Florida

Henderson Park, Pennsylvania

Henderson Place, Ontario

Henderson Point, Mississippi

Henderson Settlement, New Brunswick

Henderson Springs, Tennessee

Henderson Station, Tennessee

Henderson Station, Pennsylvania

Henderson Still, Georgia

Henderson Village, California

Henderson, Tennessee

Henderson, Texas

Henderson, Virginia

Henderson, West Virginia

Hendersons Beach, Saskatchewan

Hendersons Store, Virginia

Hendersonville, Massachusetts

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Hendersonville, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Hendersonville, South Carolina

Hendersonville, Tennessee

Hendrie, Ontario

Hendrysburg, Ohio

Kendrick, Florida

Kendrick, Idaho

Kendrick, Mississippi

Kendrick, Oklahoma

Kendrick, Pennsylvania

Kendrick, Wyoming

Kendricks Corner, Vermont

Kendricktown, Missouri

Kendry, Ontario

McHenry Meadows, Maryland

McHenry Shores, Illinois

McHenry, California

McHenry, Idaho

McHenry, Illinois

McHenry, Kentucky

McHenry, Maryland

McHenry, Mississippi

McHenry, North Dakota

McHenry, Virginia

McKendree, Maryland

McKendree, Ohio

McKendree, Virginia

 A U.S. national park bears the name of James McHenry, the second U.S. secretary of War.

 The Henderson name is also found on:

147 rivers and streams

83 lakes and reservoirs

35 mountains

18 bays

17 capes

10 ridges

34 valleys

17 islands

13 springs

 The 10 Henderson surnames most commonly found in the United States and Canada:

1.  Henderson

2.  Kendrick

3.  McHenry

4.  McKendree

5.  Hendry

6.  Hendrie

7.  McKendrick

8.  Henders

9.  Kendry

10.  McHendree.

 Five institutions of higher learning bear the Henderson name:

Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Henderson Community College, Henderson, Kentucky

Henderson County Junior College, Athens, Texas

McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, Illinois

McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois

 The 11 states or provinces with the most Henderson place names are:

1.  Tennessee

2.  Georgia

3.  Ontario

4.  Alabama

5.  British Columbia

6.  North Carolina

7.  Texas

8.  Illinois

9.  Kentucky

10. New Brunswick

11. Quebec.

 Only five states or provinces have no Henderson names:

Hawaii, New Hampshire, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Rhode Island.