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The Henderson Family Tree Project


The Clan Henderson Society has a Consolidated Family Tree that contains over 85,000 people, and about 150 photos in at least 2,400 records.  Also, there are over 43,000 record hints and at least 1,700 photo hints to incorporate into existing records.  The Society has created nearly 600 individual family trees in the Henderson line.  We encourage YOU to submit your family information.

To get your family information into the Consolidated Henderson Family Tree, send Steve Henderson (Clan Genealogist) an email with subject line – Info for the Henderson Family Tree – and the following information:

–  Your name, email, telephone number and member number.  (if you don’t know your member number you can get it from Mark Henderson at hendo28@comcast.net).

–  Names of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents in your Henderson line.  Provide places of birth and dates of birth plus places where they died and dates of deaths.  Also, if you know when and where these ancestors were married and where they lived as they raised their children, please provide that information (including maiden names of Henderson women and names of the children of these ancestors).

–  Other Henderson line information that you want to share, so my assistants and I can do our best research for you.

Once we have your Henderson Family information, the existing 600 records will be checked to determine if parts of your specific records are already included in our records. If not, we will add your Henderson family information as a new tree into ancestry.com.

If you are a member of ancestry.com, you will be able to conduct further research on your own.  Once in ancestry.com, you will be able to look at information we may have added to your family tree.  Of course, you will be able to add new information and photos and then print this record to share with family and friends.


DNA Tree

NOTE:  You also might consider providing DNA information to connect your Henderson Family with others in our database.  Contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA Administrator, David Henderson at David.Henderson@trincoll.edu to accomplish this.

Points of Contact

To learn more about the Clan Henderson DNA Project contact the DNA Project Administrator:

David Henderson

To get personal assistance with DNA or Genealogy related issues, contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA and Genealogy Coordinator. She can answer simple questions and suggest one of over 30 volunteers who might provide assistance. Note: this is a free service, managed by volunteers. First, priority is given to members of the Society. Second, we ask that you have patience--we are not a "for profit" company.

Tracy Rowan DNA and Genealogy Coordinator