Give the “GIFT of HERITAGE”

Membership in the Clan Henderson Society

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*** Any Occasion ***

When you give a gift of membership, a new member packet will be mailed to your giftee.  The packet will include a letter citing your generosity as the reason for the gift.


Instructions:  Fill the address out for the person who is GETTING the gift.  In the “instructions to merchant” section add their email address.  Also indicate in the “instructions to merchant” section whether you want their new member packet mailed to you or directly to them.  If you are a CHS member, and want it mailed to you, it will be sent to the address on file.  If you are NOT a CHS member, but wan ti mailed to you and not directly to the Giftee, send a separate email with your mailing address to–refer to the gift members name in that email.

Gift Membership