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This page is intended to provide links to other websites that are useful in genealogical resources.  

The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: 1745 to 1800 by Lyman Chalkley is really the best starting place for anyone researching ancestors in Augusta County during this time period. This three volume series contains most of the abstracts of court records in Augusta County between those dates.  Click Here

Scotlandspeople.gov.uk – This is a UK government site that has searchable databases of the majority of existing records for marriages, births, deaths, burials, wills and military records. Some parish records are available from as early as 1538. Census records and valuation rolls are available from the mid 19th century. Some of the records are free of charge. Others allow you to search and identify that a relevant record exists. Then they charge a small fee to view the record. A charge of $11 allows you to download 30 pages of records and can be spent for up to a year after you start. Each page of the summarized records may contain 10 or more entries. Because the data have been digitized, it is easily searchable and readable, but images of original documents are also available in many cases for those wishing to see the full details.

rootsireland.ie  – Similar to Scotlandspeople, this site contains records from Ireland including Northern Ireland. The scope of the records is more limited than those for Scotland and many records have not yet been digitized, requiring access to the original microfilm in Ireland for full details.

FamilySearch.org – This is a free web resource that allows access to many records kept by the Church of the Latter Day Saints. One must register to access the site, but then one has access to their extensive records. Many are available in digital form and some must be obtained on microfilm and read at a LDS family research location.

Ancestry.com  – This is a pay site that has various levels of membership to access US and International records. It also gives access to a large number of public family trees.

Wikitree.com  The goal of this site is to construct a family tree for all humankind. The site is free to use and can be searched for information on people and family trees that have been submitted. Wikitree attempts to load only trees that have some documentary evidence, though this is imperfectly enforced. Wikitree allows family lines to be connected and merged. It also has some tools for downloading DNA data from all commercial labs.

Rootsweb.ancestry.com – A free service associated with Ancestry, rootsweb has a variety of resources for research, sharing results, and connecting family lines.

www.newrivernotes.com   This site has various searchable databases covering the New River basin in Western Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina. This was a way station for many Henderson families as they moved west from Pennsylvania and Augusta County.

The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library.  This library is famous for its collection concerning Scottish Genealogy.  The Odom Library is the archival home for more than 130 Scottish clan organizations, and houses many rare books including an original edition of Scottish Peerage, as well as The Highland Papers, and several Gaelic Bibles.

Research Assistance: Library employees who staff the Odom Library will assist patrons in locating the information they need. Remote user research and reference questions must be in writing. They do accept postal and email requests for information. Questions should be direct and include as much specific information as possible. They are glad to do lookups but cannot do in-depth lineage research. All queries are given the same consideration and will be answered in as timely a manner as possible. In-house library patrons always receive first consideration. Free admission, but donations are accepted.

Contact:   Mail: PO Box 2828, Moultrie GA 31776-2828  Call: 229-985-6540  Fax: 229-985-0936  E-Mail: mccls@mccls.org

 Henderson related documents at the Library, Click Here                     Odom Genealogical Library Web-Site –Click Here


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