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The key to success for this project is simplicity. Think of it as an hourglass with the top populated by our Scottish ancestors, the small constriction at the middle representing our First Immigrant Hendersons and the bottom populated by us, the modern Hendersons of America and Canada. By identifying that small number of First Hendersons in the middle, we create a manageable sharing tool that everyone can use.

We organize our collective information into centuries showing 17th century Henderson immigrants to America, 18th century Hendersons, 19th century Hendersons, and so on. We will ask you to provide documented sources that connect your first Henderson immigrant to your current generation.

We will sort thorough submissions until we have an accurate listing of First Hendersons. The best possible outcome will be when one Henderson in Texas submits his First Henderson only to find that another Henderson in Arizona has the same First Henderson. DNA testing will confirm the relationship if needed. Sharing is promoted and the excitement of new information will lift the spirits of Henderson genealogists nationwide.

If you’ve never experienced an Internet family reunion, you are in for a thrill. If you have experienced it, you know the joy and excitement of finding a long lost relative through your study of family genealogy and the renewed motivation that such a discovery generates.

If you have comments, questions, or thoughts about First Hendersons in America, please email and your comments will be shared with our genealogy staff. We will reply to each inquiry as soon as possible.

If you are not a member of the Clan Henderson Society, perhaps you should consider joining this year. The payoff for Henderson genealogists will be worth the small annual dues and the relationship with family gained will last a lifetime.

Points of Contact

Questions or comments about the Henderson DNA project may be directed to the Project Administrator:

David Henderson

Questions or comments about Henderson genealogy related matters to the Clan Genealogist:

Leon Hicks-Interim