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Many kinfolk join the Clan Henderson Society to have a chance to learn more about the roots of our MacEanruig heritage, to pursue genealogical research or just plain have fun.

However, what all members of the Clan Henderson Society have in common is a commitment and a desire to support the goals and objectives of the Society.  It is this commitment that forges a bond best called fellowship.  The obvious “badges of fellowship” manifest themselves in attendance at games, ceilidh, Burns Nights, families weddings, travel and informal suppers.  The Scottish Community at large provides many events throughout the year that lend themselves to generating more fellowship within the Clan.

One key attribute that can increase your enjoyment of membership in the Clan Henderson Society is to become involved.  How much or how often is a personal choice but this organization is made up of volunteers and someone taking on even a small task can be of enormous benefit.

Massed Pipe Bands at Pleasanton, CA Games

The Pleasanton, CA Games, held near labor Day annually, are just one of the over 45 Festivals/Games where the Clan Henderson Society convenes a Hospitality tent.

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