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This is the guiding body for the Society.  Elected Officials of the Society provide for the overall allocation, focus  and prioritization of  recources (financial and human) and ensures focus is maintained on the stated goals and the Chief’s directive to “Gather the Clan.”

'The Meeting of Burns and Scott', c1786, (late 19th century). Two great Scottish writers, the Romantic poet Robert Burns (1759-1796), and novelist Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) come face-to-face. Scott was only fifteen years of age at this, their only meeting. (Photo by The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

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The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Clan Henderson Society (CHS). The President shall preside at all meetings of the Clan, all meetings of the Executive Board, and all special meetings.  Additionally, the President shall designate for appointment all officers, as specified in the bylaws. While the duties are implied by the position, the President is specifically responsible for regular contact with the Chief of the Clan Henderson, the Tanist and the High Commissioner of North America.  Additionally, the President ensures the perpetuation of the CHS and the active accomplishment of CHS objectives and purposes.  The President is also the representative of the society to other Scottish clans and associations and speaks for the society.

Vice President-Operations

The Vice President-Operations (VP-Ops) develops the society’s annual plan and budget based upon input from the national and regional officers. The submission of an annual plan helps the leadership look at the organization and allows the Executive Board to make management decisions about the direction of the Society and new opportunities for future growth.  The submission of a budget provides the Executive Board the opportunity to control the financial destiny of the society. While the budget remains flexible throughout the year, the VP-Opns coordinates the execution of the budget with the Regional Commissioners and the Treasurer and keeps the Executive Board, appraised as appropriate.

Vice President-Members

The VP, Members is responsible for the maintenance of a master membership list to include adding new members to the list, making address, name, and status changes for existing members, and updating renewal information. The membership list is maintained on an Excel Spreadsheet.  The VP, Members ensures welcome packets are mailed to new members; renewal reminders are sent to existing members, maintains the An Canach mailing list and provides periodic reports to the Regions and the Society at large.  The VP, Members is encouraged to promote ideas and activities that support for the seven goals of the Society.

Vice President-General Counsel

The Vice President – General Counsel is the chief legal officer of the Clan Henderson Society.  He/she ensures the legal sufficiency of Society activities provides for the incorporation of the Clan Henderson Society and provides advice to the Clan Henderson Society in all matters of the law.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining books of account, bank accounts, the preparation of financial reports and the preparation and filing of annual Federal Non Profit Organization Activity Reports on Form 990. The Treasurer also communicates with the officers, Regional Commissioners, and convenors on an “as needed” basis.  The Treasurer is responsible for all funds deposited to and disbursed from the Clan bank accounts.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary (RSec) is responsible for keeping the records of the Society and for taking minutes at Executive Board Meetings and Annual General Meeting. Records are maintained in a notebook and include the Constitution, the By-Laws, the minutes of previous meetings, the most recent Annual General Meeting, and other official records and correspondence related to the Society. The RSec also ensures the key leaders of the Society are provided copies of the final AGM minutes and other Executive Board meetings.  The final, approved version of all minutes/official documents, including signatures, shall be sent to the President for his/her records and are also sent to the editor of the An Canach for publication. The RSec takes notes and minutes for other events, as directed by the President.  The RSec manages electronic voting and reports the results.

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