Dr. John William Philp Henderson of Fordell, 1919-2004

With much remorse I report that Dr. John William Philp Henderson of Fordell has passed away at the age of 85. He was the refounder of Clan Henderson, or you may even call him the founder in that he created a clan identity and was a central figure head that Hendersons in days gone by could not claim. We owe him a debt of gratuitude that cannot be repaid. Let it be known that he was active to the last and did not suffer long. Below is a letter from Rex Maddox, Clan Henderson Society of the USA President as well as an obituary ran by the Society newsletter, An Canach.

Dr. John William Philp Henderson of Fordell, 1919-2004, Obituary via An Canach
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Dr. John and wife Gwen

Dr. John and wife Gwen

It is with much sadness that we advise you that Dr., John W.P. Henderson of Fordell, Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson, died on 27 September 2004 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Funeral services for Dr. John W.P. Henderson will be held Monday, 4 October in Toowoomba. The Clan Henderson Society of the USA will have a floral display delivered to the Henderson residence in Toowoomba on Monday morning. In observance of this solemn occasion, it is requested that each family observe a thirty second period of silence to honor our fallen Chief at 6.00 PM EST Sunday, October 3rd.

Additionally, a period of mourning will exist within the Clan Henderson Society of the USA from Monday, October 4 until the end of the current calendar year. All crests currently held by Commissioners and conveners will be draped with a black covering across the top and down the sides, when used for display. A black streamer may be attached at the top of all tartan flags that are used for public display, the streamer to be no longer than eighteen inches when attached to the flagpole on which the tartan flag is mounted. Individuals may wear a black ribbon on their nametag or an armband on the left arm, on which the clan crest should be displayed.

Our Chaplain will provide a short memorial service during the annual general meeting held at the Stone Mountain Highland Games. This is an especially hard time for many of us but we shall persevere, being proud of our heritage and the knowledge that our great leader has joined his ancestors, to live in peace for ever more. Aye, the Chief is dead – long live the new Chief!

Yours, Aye – – –
Rex A. Maddox, President