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The following forms are available for Convenors to download:

  • Convenors Warrant–this form is used by the RC to “officially” appoint a Convenor as a Clan host at a game(s).  A copy should reside with the convenor, the RC and the VP-Opns  Download
  • Convenors Checklist   use this checklist as a base for developing your own.  Download
  • Event Guest Register–make copies of this form to use for Visitor Sign In. Download
  • Event Activity Report-copy and use this form to report on your event.  Copies are sent to the RC, the VP-Opns and the Membership Secretary.  Download
  • Event Reimbursement Request–use this form to request reimbursement for expenses.  A copy, along with receipts,  should be sent to the RC, VP-Opns and the Treasurer.  IMPORTANT:  coordinate for expense reimbursement with the RC, before the game, to avoid confusion.  Download
  • Youth Activities Book-this booklet can be copied and used as a hand-out for older children (8+)  Download
  • Childrens Coloring Book–this booklet can be copied and used as a handout for very young children (4+)  Download
  • New Member Form–Manual form to sign up a new member.  Mail to VP, Members after it is filled out. Download
  • An Invitation to Join–A handout that can be passed out to people at games or other times, inviting them to join CHS.  This can also be made into a poster that can be posted in a hospitality tent. Download