Visit a HENDERSON Hospitality tent at:    Greenville, SC    Costa Mesa, CA    Friendsville, MD    Modesto, CA    Glasgow, KY    Blairsville, GA    Prosser, WA    Wellington, OH    Vista, CA (San Diego)    Grandfather Mtn, NC    Athena, OR.    Gresham, OR



The following forms are available for Convenors to download:

  • Convenors Warrant–this form is used by the RC to “officially” appoint a Convenor as a Clan host at a game(s).  A copy should reside with the convenor, the RC and the VP-Opns  Download
  • Convenors Checklist   use this checklist as a base for developing your own.  Download
  • Event Guest Register–make copies of this form to use for Visitor Sign In. Download
  • Event Activity Report-copy and use this form to report on your event.  Copies are sent to the RC, the VP-Opns and the Membership Secretary.  Download
  • Event Reimbursement Request–use this form to request reimbursement for expenses.  A copy, along with receipts,  should be sent to the RC, VP-Opns and the Treasurer.  IMPORTANT:  coordinate for expense reimbursement with the RC, before the game, to avoid confusion.  Download
  • Youth Activities Book-this booklet can be copied and used as a hand-out for older children (8+)  Download
  • Childrens Coloring Book–this booklet can be copied and used as a handout for very young children (4+)  Download
  • New Member Form–Manual form to sign up a new member.  Mail to VP, Members after it is filled out. Download
  • An Invitation to Join–A handout that can be passed out to people at games or other times, inviting them to join CHS.  This can also be made into a poster that can be posted in a hospitality tent. Download