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Clan Henderson DNA Project results are posted for the benefit of our project participants and members of the Clan Henderson Society. Due to privacy concerns, our results are identified by membership and DNA kit number rather than by name. You must know your kit number in order to find your results.

When a new Henderson DNA sample is recieved, our host lab – Family Tree DNA – will test the sample and provides the results in the form of a unique DNA signature. Each new DNA signature is entered into a spreadsheet at a position nearest matching or closely matching the DNA signatures of other Henderson members.

Over time as new members join, these matching and closely matching signatures will begin to cluster. We identify these clusters or family groups by an alpha-numeric code starting with Family Group A1.  Other clusters closely matching but not exactly matching Family Group A1 become Family Group A2 and then Family Group A3 and so on. When we receive a signature that cannot be closely matched to Family Group A, we assign a new identifier, thus Family Group B is created with its own unique line of alpha numeric subsets.

Note:  Even if you have already tested and received your results from the Henderson DNA Project, you may consider having another member of your family tested. The reason you need a second sample is that distant cousins who share a common ancestor two or more generations back in time may have slightly different DNA due to fast moving mutations in certain markers. This is the reason we recommend at least two DNA results at the cousin level (not the brother level) to verify the family line signature. Once you have the definitive signature of your family line, there is no need for further testing. 

Points of Contact

To learn more about the Clan Henderson DNA Project contact the DNA Project Administrator:

David Henderson

To get personal assistance with DNA or Genealogy related issues, contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA and Genealogy Coordinator. She can answer simple questions and suggest one of over 30 volunteers who might provide assistance. Note: this is a free service, managed by volunteers. First, priority is given to members of the Society. Second, we ask that you have patience--we are not a "for profit" company.

Tracy Rowan DNA and Genealogy Coordinator