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This page provides your DNA test results. Click on the Window-Sized Results then use the “Find on this Page” search feature in the upper right corner of your Internet Explorer browser to find your family group. You must know your kit number and enter it in the search block.

Kit numbers and results in the Y-DNA and mtDNA tables are color-coded to separate the different family groups. Each family group is made up of participants who are related either by an exact match or an acceptable genetic distance. To the right of each kit number is a line of numbers that make up a single DNA signature. If a block in the DNA signature shows a light shadding of blue or pink, this indicates a variance from the mean average for the Family Group. Clear boxes with no shading indicate a perfect match with the mean average of the group.

Names in the “Unmatched Group” do not yet have a family group. Over time, all participants will join their distinctive family group.

To thwart identity theft, only kit numbers identify our participants. If you match another participant, you will be given contact information in a separate email so you can work together to find your common ancestor. The intent of the Henderson DNA Project is to protect your information and your identity as outlined in the Family Tree DNA policy on confidentiality and privacy.

If you have questions about your DNA test results, please contact your administrator, James E. Henderson, at jimhen45@gmail.com

Y-DNA Results

Click Here for Window-sized Results (Y-DNA Results Updated August 1, 2013)

mtDNA Results

Click Here for Window-sized Results (mta-DNA Results Updated June 1, 2013)