The Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) exists to preserve and promote the customs, traditions, and heritage of the Scottish people. They strive to do this by educating the public about Scottish history, literature, music, poetry, art, and culture.

 With over 60,000 clan members represented, COSCA serves as a clearing house for clan activities throughout the US. While not a governing or supervisory board for any organization, COSCA strives to bring the clans and associations together through a variety of means. COSCA is also an active participant in The Scottish Coalition USA; a collective of several organizations united to serve the Scottish-American community through research, long-term planning and promotion of our heritage. 

 One of COSCAs most important services is to assist people who want to find their Scottish clan. COSCA representatives offer a wealth of extensive research materials designed specifically to facilitate this process; both online and at highland games across the country. So whether you’re interested in what COSCA can do for your clan or you’re an individual seeking more information about your Scottish heritage, COSCA can help. 

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