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Most Americans view Coats of Arm in a simplistic way that must amaze the British. In fact, most Americans view a Coat of Arms as a historical family identification that dates back to historical Knights and Lords. It doesn’t occur to many of us that such historical things still exist.  More importantly, the Arms belong to an individual, not a family.  In the case of Clan Henderson, the Arms belong to Alistair of Fordell, our Chief.

alastairhenderson portrait


However, many commercial enterprises manufacture “Coats of Arms” allegedly associated with a family name.  Henderson is no exception.  Depicted below.  are some examples of “commercial imposters”, depictions of a Henderson family coat of arms, sold for profit and of little historical use.


Coat of Arms-2 Coat of Arms-1Coat of Arms-3 Coat of Arms-5 Coat of Arms-4







Bottom line:  Unless you are Fordell, Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson you are best advised to stick to our badge.  This symbol ties you to Clan Henderson  Click here to see our Badge