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The Clan Henderson Society bestows a number of medals and awards.  Some are awarded based on service to the Clan Henderson, while others are bestowed based on other measures of merit.

  • The Order of the Chief:  A medal awarded for recognition of service to the Clan or Society
  • The Order of the Chief, with Distinction: The highest level of award for a Clan member, for those who have “put forth a lot more effort than necessary.”  It is a star, with a gold and blue stripped ribbon and is attached to an Order of the Chief Award.
  • The Chief’s Prize:  An award in recognition of leadership shown in youth programs, heritage, culture and the future of the Society. Only one prize is awarded annually and is usually in the form of an engraved pewter card plate.
  • Youth Scholarships (originally Chief’s Youth Award):  Requested by the individual youth (under the age of 26) for recognition of specific talents in the fields of music or dance or academics, this award is a certificate of recognition signed by the Society President and accompanied by a check for a specified amount that is determined by the Executive Board.
  • The Estil H. Oliver Memorial Youth Scholarship: A scholarship for youth not awarded since 2003.
  • The St. Paul Travelers/Christian A. Garin Youth Award:  Established through the receipt of matching funds from an employer, this award honors any individual or group who possess talent in the Scottish arts of music or dance and is presented to further this talent.  It is awarded in the form of a certificate signed by the donor and the Society President.  It includes a monetary award in the amount up to $1000 with the final award amount determined by the donor.
  • Claude A. Henderson Fellowship: The Claude A. Henderson Fellowship is an endowment program for those individuals desiring to  donate  the  sum  of  $1000.00  or  more,  for the purpose of sustaining a scholarship program. The contributor is recognized as a Claude A. Henderson Fellow. The contributor receives a certificate and appropriate device.
  • Claude A. Henderson Memorial Scholarship:  Presented to an individual who has provided sustained support of the Clan Henderson activities during the previous year. The participation must be of a nature that the individual is recognized both by the Clan/Society and by others as being an active participant in the Clan and its activities. The nature of any participation should enhance Scottish cultural heritage, but not necessarily require involvement in the arts.  This award is in the form of a certificate signed by the President and includes a scholarship in the amount of $500.
  • Honorary Membership
  • High Commissioner’s Award
  • Regional Recognition Program: Regional Commissioners may make an award to an individual, under the auspices of their offices.  The award may be made at any time but is limited to one award per region per calendar year.  Clan Officers may also use this award mechanism.