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The Clan Chief has been given authority by the Lord Lyon Court to represent all Henderson’s. As Chief, to help spread enthusiasm, pride and support for our MacEanruig heritage, whenever and wherever, he charges us to “Gather the Clan.”.

Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson

Alistair D. Henderson of Fordell

Alistair D. Henderson of Fordell, was recognized as Chief of the Name and Arms of the Baronial House of Henderson by the Lord Lyon in 2005. Alistair D. Henderson of Fordell was named chief following the passing of his father Dr. John William Philp Henderson of Fordell. Alistair currently resides in Torwood, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. He is an electrical engineer, presently consulting in the field of air pollution control and travels throughout South East Asia.

He has two children. His daughter Claire, (Bachelors of Communications (Film & Television)) graduated from Griffith University with the Dean’s Award for high achievement and now works for BBC in London. His son, Iain, is working in Japan and is a graduate of the University of Queensland.

Alistair is interested in Scottish history, and is a member of the Heraldry Society of Scotland, the Scottish Genealogy Society, and the Genealogical Society of Queensland.  He is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


Iain Henderson, Younger of Fordell

Tanistry was a the Gaelic system for passing on titles and lands. Under this system, a Tanist is the person who holds the office of heir-apparent to succeed to the chieftainship of the Clan.  In the Clan Henderson, our Tanist is Iain Henderson, son of the Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson, Alistair D. Henderson.  Iain is a graduate from the University of Queensland in Australia and currently resides and works in Japan.

High Commissioner of North America and Chieftain

Rex A. Maddox, Cdr (r), USN

Rex A. Maddox was appointed the Clan Henderson High Commissioner for North America and Chieftain by the Chief, in April 2rex-as-chieftain016. Rex  joined the Society in 1991 and has held a number of critical and influential positions over the years.  These include: Designated Head of the Bodyguard in 1993;  Commissioner Mid East Region 1998-2000;   President 2000-2004  and again 2008-2010.  In 2003 was made President Emeritus and in 2006 he was announced as a Claude A. Henderson Scholar. In 2010 he was appointed to be Counselor to the Chief.  Rex has received the Chief’s Order in 1993, the Chief’s Prize in 1995, the High Commissioners Award in 1998, the Claude A. Henderson Memorial Award in 2009;and the Chief’s Order with distinction in 2013.  Rex and wife Pat have traveled extensively in Scotland and Rex had overall responsibility for the Clan Henderson presence at the Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh 2009.  It was also in 2009 that Rex attended the meeting of Clan Chiefs at the Scottish parliament with Alistair Henderson, Chief of Clan Henderson.  Rex began naval service in World War II and retired in 1975 as Commander, US Navy and in 1991 retired again as Project Manager from Ford aerospace.  He is listed in Who’s Who in American Aviation;

Counselors, to the Chief

Russell L. Henderson, COL, USA (Ret.)

Retired US Army Colonel; former Dir. of Communications, National Genealogical Society; Founding Member, Editor of An Canach, Mid East Commissioner Emeritus, VP, President, Chief’s Counsellor. Received Chief’s Order ’92, Chief’s Prize ’99, Claude A. Henderson Scholar ’03. A portion of his education was in England and he has traveled through Scotland several times.

In Memoria

Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson, In Memoria

The late Dr. John William Phillip Henderson was recognized by the Lord Lyon in 1985 as Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson. Although a direct descendant of Sir John Henderson, 5th of Fordell, Dr. John did not inherit the baronetcy because the title died out in 1839. He was the first chief of the clan in more than 150 years and served as a rallying force in the development of Clan Henderson Societies in his native Australia as well as the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Dr. John was born in southwestern Queensland on a sheep-raising ranch. He eventually moved to Toowoomba where he became a doctor of medicine and maintained his practice. The Chief and his wife, Gwen, are the parents of five children — Margret Lyn, Alistair of Fordell (the current Chief), Dugald, Lachlan – and ten grandchildren.

Dr. John William Philip Henderson of Fordell passed away September 27, 2004. He will always be remembered as the founder of the modern global reincarnation of our clan.

High Commissioner for North America and Chieftain, In Memoria

The late Claude A. Henderson of Alexandria, Virginia was High Commissioner for North America and also Chieftain. He contributed greatly to creating the Clan Henderson Society of the United States and Canada. He was recognized as Chieftain at the Stone Mountain games in 1991 when Dr. John was visiting America. During his time as Chieftain of the Clan he traveled much and spread the message of the clan. Chieftain Claude A. Henderson passed away in 2001 and he is greatly missed.

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