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The Clan Henderson Society Scholarship Program 

Our scholarship program provides financial assistance for individual academics as well as those individuals and groups involved in Scottish related programs including music, dancing, literature, athletics, academics, culture, heritage and history.

For 2017, the following scholarship awards were approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Academic Scholarship (1).  Only only one given per year in the amount of $1,000.  The applicant must have a 3.0 GPA or greater for last year of study (College Freshman: use HS grades).  High School applicants must have a B average or greater.  The application must include a photocopy or PDF to verify academic performance.  A person may not receive this award more than once.  Scholarship award is not limited to a particular field of study but a preference will be given to academic endeavors that reflect the goals of the Society.

Celtic Arts and Music (2).  An applicant must have an interest in pursuing studies in Celtic Arts.  The scholarship should assist the applicant in learning Scottish Country Dancing, Bag Pipes, Celtic Art or design work. Two awards may be given each year in the amount of $300 each.  No individual may receive more that two awards in this category

Celtic Arts and Music Beginner Scholarship (3).  This is intended to encourage members of Clan Henderson Society to learn to play the bagpipes or other Celtic related preforming or visual art.  It is specifically intended for the younger members ( 17 and younger) of the Clan Henderson Society.  No more that three will be awarded each year in the amount of $50 each. An individual may receive this award more than once. All award recipients must be members of Clan Henderson Society or a financial dependent of a member of Clan Henderson.

Performing Group Award (1).  This is a financial award and is not technically a scholarship.  It will be given to Celtic music performing groups such as pipe and drum bands, choral groups, etc. Recipient groups will be identified as containing members of Clan Henderson Society.  Applications must include detailed information about the group,including its genre of music, number in the group, where the group performs, any charitable groups they support and the overall age of the group.  The amount of the award can be within $500 to $1,000

Appliaw-drummercants may apply for a  scholarship at any time during the year.  Each scholarship request must be submitted to the Regional Commissioner for his/her approval before Dec 31st.  Applications are reviewed in January/February and the announcements are made in March.

Scholarship Application Template

Regional Commissioners Contact Information

Note: if the RC position is vacant, contact the VP, Operations.

IMPORTANT:  All applicants must support the goals of the Clan Henderson Society:

CHS Goals


 List of Youth Scholarship Awardees