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The Society’s Clan Chaplain serves the spiritual needs of the members of the Clan. He has a regular column in An Canach, provides comfort directly to our kin, and writes our farewell in Flowers of the Forest. His ministry extends through personal correspondence and contact.  Any member of the Clan or the Society is encouraged to contact the Chaplain directly. Members are further encouraged to pass along information about kin—their joys and their sorrows. A listing of Society members who have passed, is maintained on this web-site.  Member Memorial Listing

 The Current Clan Chaplain

C. Fred Sanford

The Rev. Fred Sanford has been clan chaplain since 2001, recruited by then President Rex Maddox. Fred was ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1961 and served churches in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York.  He left the ministry briefly to study anthropology and religion at Ohio State and Penn State.  After teaching at the college level for seven years he returned to serve churches as a professional interim pastor, completing his career in Mooresville, NC. He continues to read religious philosophy and Scottish history, intentionally not favoring any denominational stance, so as to be fair to all religious viewpoints.  He welcomes any correspondence one may have with him.  His e-mail is cfsnfrd@bellsouth.net.