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Joining the First Henderson Project should be a carefully considered decision, not just another fishing line thrown into the genealogy pond hoping for some random result. Joining this project will take some effort on your part. You will be asked to submit your Henderson genealogy in a form that you probably do not keep, a customized version of your Henderson family tree.

To do so, you must make a copy of your current genealogy file. For our purposes, you will work only with the copy file and not your original file. The next step is to customize your copy file so that only the Henderson line is included. Anyone can join the project if they have a Henderson genealogy to contribute. The final step is to convert your genealogy software file to a GEDCOM file using the “Save As” or “Export” feature in your family tree software.

You may register by email to FirstHenderson-Admin@clanhendersonsociety.org stating your desire to participant in the project, and providing your name, mailing address and email address. Phone numbers will not be used, and you will not be contacted by phone.

Along with your registration email, attach your customized GEDCOM family tree file that includes only Henderson lines. This is a Henderson surname project so only Henderson name lines are needed.

The customized version of your family tree can be created in your favorite genealogy software. If you do not have a genealogy software program, free genealogy software is available through Family Search website at http://www.familysearch.org/ using the program – Personal Ancestral File. PAF allows you to quickly and easily collect, organize and share your family history and genealogy information and allows you to save your information in a GEDCOM format. If you do not want to use a genealogy software program, email the project administrator for a family tree worksheet. We can send it to you by email or surface mail.

Allow approximately one week for your family tree to be posted to the First Henderson Project’s website. Your First Henderson’s name will be placed on our list of First Hendersons, according to the century in which he or she first arrived in the Americas. If you don’t know your First Henderson, send your file anyway. A match with another Henderson family tree could reveal your First Henderson and a modern day cousin you did not know you had.


IMPORTANT: Clan Henderson Society will not be liable for damages caused by the publication of personal information provided by participants. Ensure that all information you provide in your customized file is suitable for public viewing. Thank You.

Points of Contact

To learn more about the Clan Henderson DNA Project contact the DNA Project Administrator:

David Henderson

To get personal assistance with DNA or Genealogy related issues, contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA and Genealogy Coordinator. She can answer simple questions and suggest one of over 30 volunteers who might provide assistance. Note: this is a free service, managed by volunteers. First, priority is given to members of the Society. Second, we ask that you have patience--we are not a "for profit" company.

Tracy Rowan DNA and Genealogy Coordinator