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A Convenor performs an important function for the clan. Specifically, the Convenor gathers the clan at a specific event, like a highland games and acts as the Central point of contact, to ensure the event operates smoothly and efficiently.  The Convenor obtains the warrant oftr the event from the Regional Commissioner,: coordinates for booth/space; arranges for the tent and all the materials to be displayed; ensures Clansman get advance word of the event; assumes all costs associated with the event (and requests reimbursement for authorized expenses, after the fact); and coordinates for walk-about’s, clan marches, entertainment (if necessary) and satisfies all external event requirements.

To accomplish this complex and important task, the Convenor must:

  1. Obtain approval from the Regional Commissioner to participate in the event. Determine what support you will be getting from them.
  2. Plan ahead.  Be proactive.  Visit the event web-site early and often.  Register as soon as possible.  Obtain a copy of the program, as a basis for planning your gathering, even if it is from the previous year.
  3. Contact the event committee for details of the event and determine if the clan is welcome to participate.
  4. Make sure you are on the event email and mailing lists.
  5. Determine funding requirements and potential sources.
  6.  Contact the membership Secretary for a listing of local CHS members.  Contact local kin to help you with manning the tent and hosting clan activities or to just inform them their participation is welcome.
  7. Use the “news” section of the website to announce their will be a Henderson Tent at the event (send info to the webmaster).
  8. Read the Convenor’s Handbook (available as a PDF on the website)
  9. Plan to arrive early enough to have the Clan tent operational before the General public arrives.  Coordinate with the venue organizers rules for loading/unloading and for parking.
  10. Set up the tent and take it down in accordance with the hours published by the organizing committee.
  11. Present the clan properly and participate in all activities (e.g. ceremonies, kirkin’ and parades) where our tartan will be shown. Encourage kinsmen to participate in the various competitive events. Include kinsmen, especially potential members, to join in for parades and walkabouts.
  12. Develop and improve the clan display. While basic items are received from the region, displays should be personal and improved by the Convenor from year to year. They will be judged at many events and the Convenor is the best judge of how to improve his display.
  13. Maintain a Guest Register
  14. Complete an Activity Report, an expense Reimbursement Form and an article for  submission for the Editor, An Canach.
  15. Submit the following reports (either by mail or email):
    1. VP/Operations:  An Activity Report and Expense Reimbursement Form
    2. Treasurer: courtesy copy of reimbursement form.
    3. Membership Secretary: Activity Report and Guest Register
    4.  Editor, An Canach: pictures and written article for An Canach
    5. One or two paragraph recap to the webmaster, where it will be displayed under news.