Visit CHS Hospitality Tents at these upcoming festivals:    The Plains (Warrenton), VA    Pleasanton, CA    Estes Park, CO    Mt. Pleasant, SC    Tulsa, OK    Olcott, NY    Ligonier, PA    Chesterfield (St. Louis), MO    Bethlehem, PA    AGM-Salado, TX (November)

The Purposes and Goals of the Clan Henderson Society are focused in seven (7) key areas:

  • Culture:  Foster Scottish culture and activities
  • Games:  Promote Scottish festivals and games
  • Genealogy:  Assist in Genealogical research
  • Fellowship:  Foster fellowship and friendship among kith and kin, and all clans
  • History:  Maintain and promote the history of the clan and Scotland
  • Awards:  Promote charitable and educational activities and maintain a  scholarship fund for worthy individuals
  • Gather the Clan“, as directed by our Chief, Alistair of Fordell, primarily by identifing members through the Society or one of it’s affiliates.


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