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First Hendersons in the Americas

by Clan Henderson Genealogy Staff

The Internet has opened up a treasure chest of family information for Henderson genealogists. When sorting through this cache of new information, it’s not uncommon to find a lost relative or discover a distant relation you never knew you had. Very often, families are reunited online, opening up even greater opportunities for sharing.

To generate more such reunions and further the study of Henderson genealogy, the staff of the Clan Henderson Society offer a new tool designed uniquely for Henderson genealogists. Using this tool, you will discover your first ancestor whether Henderson or Hendricks or Henry or any other derative who first set foot on American soil. You will see other family lines he produced, i.e your Henderson cousins of today. You will learn about your first Henderson’s origin and his family; cousins, aunts and uncles and parents left behind in Scotland, Ireland and England.

The project, sponsored by the Clan Henderson Societies of the United States and Canada, is called “First Hendersons in the Americas” and is available exclusively to members of Clan Henderson.

To be clear, this tool is not a gift, given with no effort on your part. In fact, the database is maintained and improved by you and other Henderson genealogists who are willing to contribute information so others may share.

The idea is to solicit from Hendersons in the United States and Canada the name of the male Henderson in their line who first set foot in the Americas, his birth date, place of origin and death date. We will organize these immigrants into centuries showing 17th century Henderson immigrants to the Americas, 18th century Hendersons, 19th century Hendersons, and so on. We will ask the submitter to provide his documented male lineage; again by name, birth date, place of birth, and death date, that connects his first Henderson immigrant to his current generation.

The payoff of this project will be the identification of all male First Hendersons who came to this continent and produced the rest of us.   The best possible outcome of our effort will be when one Henderson in Texas submits his First Henderson’s name and pertinent information only to find that another Henderson in Arizona has the same ancestor. DNA testing will confirm the relationship if needed. Sharing is promoted and the excitement of new information will lift the spirits of Henderson genealogists nationwide.

More importantly, the project will solve the common problem of information overload where Henderson genealogists throw up their hands in frustration. We will do this by eliminating the clutter of the maternal side of each family. (Not that the maternal side is unimportant. Henderson males may be arrogant but not stupid.)

It also solves the problem of the “brick wall” as information needed by one Henderson is released to another Henderson. The venue for sharing will be the public Internet hosted by the Clan Henderson website with interface pages providing instructions and data input.

The key to success of this new project is simplicity. Think of it as an hourglass with the top populated by our Scottish ancestors, the small constriction at the middle representing our First Hendersons and the bottom populated by us, the modern Hendersons of America and Canada. By identifying that small number of First Hendersons, we create a manageable sharing tool that everyone can use.

If you have comments, questions, or thoughts about First Hendersons Landing in the Americas, please email jimhen45@gmail.com and your comments will be shared with the clan genealogy staff. We will reply to each inquiry as soon as possible. Clan members will be notified when the project is ready to receive individual family information.

If you are not a member of either the Clan Henderson Society of the United States or the Clan Henderson Society of Canada, perhaps you should consider joining this year. The payoff for Henderson genealogists will be worth the small annual dues and the relationship with family gained will last a lifetime.

Updated March 15, 2013

Points of Contact

To learn more about the Clan Henderson DNA Project contact the DNA Project Administrator:

David Henderson

To get personal assistance with DNA or Genealogy related issues, contact the Clan Henderson Society DNA and Genealogy Coordinator. She can answer simple questions and suggest one of over 30 volunteers who might provide assistance. Note: this is a free service, managed by volunteers. First, priority is given to members of the Society. Second, we ask that you have patience--we are not a "for profit" company.

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