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The “OES DANA” are officials, who are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Society President .  Their mandate is to support the clan, at the National and International level, through the application of their specialized skills and expertise.

Oes Dana

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Head of Bodyguard

The Head of the Bodyguard is responsible for the management of the Clan Bodyguard program. He will establish procedures for the operation and organization of the movement and institute directives for the procedural aspects of participation at gatherings, parades, processions, weddings, funerals and other events, as directed

Clan Bard

The  Bard  provides  a  cultural  base  for  Clan  Henderson,  by  increasing  awareness and appreciation of the Scottish Arts, Poetry and Literature, Scottish Legends and Folktales.

Clan Historian

The Clan Historian conducts and coordinates historical research into Clan Henderson including study of ancestral lands, through the various emigrations, and into the present. In conjunction with the Genealogist, the Historian shall   provide for the modern study of Clan Henderson, provide for regular publication in An Canach, and develop displays for the Clan tents

Editor, An Canach

The Editor of the Clan Society newsletter, An Canach, serves  as  the  Public  Affairs  Officer  and  Director  of Communications  to  keep  the  membership  informed, maintain liaison with other publications and Clan Societies, provide for quarterly publication of An Canach and oversee all official Clan Henderson publications.


The Quartermaster (QM) is responsible for ensuring Regions are supplied with items, goods and or materials necessary for their operational needs, including Flags and display materials.  The QM maintains a list of vendors that can supply items at reasonable cost and will negotiate best possible prices.  Additionally, the QM is responsible for ordering Clan materials, to include clothing, badges, pins, tartan material, if they cannot be procured through third party vendors.  The QM will maintain an accurate inventory list of such items.  The QM will transfer inventory items to the Regions, as requested.  However, ideally, the QM is providing negotiated price s with Third party vendors and supplying those lists to the Regions.  Eventually, the QM will help set up a web-based procurement system.


The Genealogist receives, catalogs, and maintains genealogical records on the various member families, encourages and provides assistance for individual genealogical research, and provides for regular publication of information relative to this area through An Canach.

DNA Project Administrator

The Clan Henderson DNA Administrator will maintain the Henderson DNA Web site and its functions, making changes as needed to ensure relevancy.  The Administrator will post to the Web site current information to include participant DNA signature results.  An overarching goal of the Henderson DNA project is to accumulate DNA results that correlate to the various historic origins of the Henderson name in Scotland.


The Piper coordinates the piping activities of Clan Henderson, gathers and maintains a listing of proficient pipers that may be contacted to provide pipe music; promotes interest and education in playing the pipes; and supports Clan Henderson gatherings and Ceilidhs, as possible.


The Clan Chaplain serves the spiritual needs of the Society. He has a regular column in An Canach, provides comfort directly to our kin, and periodically conducts Flowers of the Forest memorial services.

Youth Activities Director

The Youth Activities Director is responsible for ensuring the juvenile members of Clan Henderson are provided the opportunity to engage in Scottish and other Celtic events as dancers, musicians, athletes, writers and other artistic endeavors.  The Youth Activities Director ensures that the web-site has materials and information of interest to younger members of the Society and that it remains relevant and current.

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