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Awards are given on the basis of contributions made to the Clan Henderson Society (CHS) specifically or, on rare occasions, to non-members who make a contribution of significant impact to the goals of the Society.

Nominating for an Award:

1) The person recommending the award must be an active member of the Society.

2)  The person making the recommendation must review the goals of the Society to ensure the potential awardee has accomplished something that is in the spirit of those goals.  The goals of the Society are here: Society Goals

3) The person making the recommendation must review the different types of awards that are available.  Decide on the award that is going to be recommended.

4) The person making the recommendation must determine that the nominee has not already received that award in the past.  He/she can do that here, on our website: awardees

5) The person making the recommendation must write an email or a letter to the Regional Commissioner  (RC) of the CHS Region where the nominee resides.  If the person making the recommendation resides in a different Region than the nominee, then also copy your RC .  Addresses for each RC can be found here:  Society Leaders.  A map of CHS Regions is here:  CHS Regions.  If the RC position is vacant, send the packet to the CHS VP, Operations.

6) The person making the recommendation must include:

  • The name of the individual being nominated for an award.
  • Contact information for the individual being nominated (both email and postal address)
  • The person making the recommendations name and contact information.
  • The person making the recommendation must  write one or two paragraphs why this person should be given the award.  Short is okay.
  • The person making the recommendation should obtain and include a picture suitable for inclusion in AN CANACH.  (Not mandatory and can follow later).

Download an Award Nomination Form here

Note:  Nominations for CHS Awards can be submitted anytime.