A granite paver, honoring ancestors of the Clan Henderson, was installed at the National Scottish Immigrants Memorial on Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013.

Paver at memorial-installedPavers at memorial

The Henderson Paver is the 6th paver in position–there will ultimately be a total of 14 pavers in the “honored” position leading up to the memorial..  The President of the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia, Mr. Stephen Palmer,  remarked:  “The pavers look absolutely beautiful and are a credit to the project, our society and to the individual societies who possessed the vision to participate.   To date, 8 pavers are in place.

The National Scottish Immigrants Memorial, the first to honor ethnic Scots was unvieled on October 8, 2011, in Philadelphia, PA.  The National Scottish Immigrants’ Memorial statue is located in a small park near Penn’s Landing.  The memorial is positioned in the same park as an existing Irish Memorial—tying together two cultures that had such a bearing on Colonial and early American history.

Scottish Immigrant memorial-1 Scottish Immigrant memorial-2 Scottish Immigrant memorial-3

 The Scottish Memorial consists of four slightly larger than life figures, plus a dog, standing on a 6x6x4 ft, granite base.  Memorial pavers lead up to the monument and memorial bricks complete the walkways.  The monument depicts a Scottish Family, led by the patriarch of the clan, with his faithful deerhound by his side.  His son, who arrived in advance of the rest of the family, is already dressed as a frontiersman, ready for his life in the new world..  Along with his wife and children, they set forward to contribute to the development of America.

The statue is sponsored by the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia, founded in 1747 at Tuns Tavern—once located close-by to the present day memorial.