Background:  The Henderson DNA project is growing and the Henderson DNA Project Administrator has need for volunteer assistants to provide initial counseling services to DNA queries.  “DNA Counselors” will answer basic questions concerning “who, what, when, and how” in order for people to get started with the DNA project.   Clan Henderson Society DNA Project gets a number of requests for information by mail and/or email and a timely response is important. 

Duties:  The DNA Project Counselor would be required to respond to incoming questions from new and prospective participants in the Henderson DNA Project.  A short list of articles provided by the Henderson DNA Administrator would serve to prepare DNA Counselors to interact with the Clan membership. The DNA Administrator will screen all incoming requests for information then parcel the request off to a DNA Counselor to answer and correspond with the member.

Qualifications:  A specific interest in DNA research is essential plus a willingness to learn.  This position requires a computer and basic computer operating skills.  Must be able to compose written responses in email and/or letter format.  Additionally, the person in this position must be accessible by mail and email.  A phone is a plus.  The person should be friendly and present an attitude of cheerful helpfulness.  The volunteer is expected to read a series of articles, provided by the DNA Project Administrator, that will assist in developing a working background in DNA research.

 If interested:  Contact the Henderson DNA Project Administrator at and provide information on your level of interest and amount of volunteer time you anticipate to be available per month.