Background: There are a number of events where Clan Henderson members gather and someone has to be in charge of making the event come off as smoothly as possible.  This person is called the  “convenor” and is the principal coordinator for the event–something as robust as hosting a Clan tent at a Scottish Game or as small as an eight person table at a Burns night—and everything in between.  The number and type of events a convenor takes on is up to them.

Duties: A Convenor acts as the central point of contact to ensure the event operates smoothly and efficiently; obtains a warrant from the Regional Commissioner to host the event; coordinates for booth/space; arranges for the tent and all the materials to be displayed; ensures Clansman get advance word of the event; assumes all costs associated with the event (and requests reimbursement for authorized expenses, after the fact); coordinates for walk-about’s, clan marches, entertainment (if necessary) and satisfies all external event requirements.  More detailed information can be found in the Convenor’s Handbook, located under the “Games” tab on the web-site.  The handbook applies predominatly to Convenors at games but the same common sense should apply for other, smaller events.

Candidate Qualifications:  Above all, a candidate must be able to act as “quality” representative of Clan Henderson. Additionally, candidates should have experience attending Highland games or hosting an event of any kind.  The potential convenor should review the Convenors Handbook (found on the website) before asking to take on the responsibilities.  Candidates must have an ability to communicate well, have a proactive attitude and a willingness to help further the goals and objectives of the Clan Henderson Society. Candidates should have a kilt, preferably in the Henderson Tartan, although this is not 100% mandated.  Candidates are expected to be able to communicate by phone, email and on the internet and present a budget for approval for an event. 

If interested: Candidates are encouraged to make a preliminary phone call to the RC before submitting a request to be an event Convenor. A candidate should be able to discuss their level of experience and enthusiasm for the task; address why he/she believes they are qualified; indicate which event(s) they are interested in; and discuss resources he/she might need help with in order to execute the event(s).  The Regional Commissioner where the event(s) is to occur is the approving authority.  Complete a “Convenor’s Warrant”, found on the web-site, and send it to the Regional Commissioner for signature.