Background: The Clan Henderson Society needs a Commissioner for CHS Region “Mid-South”. This includes the States: LA, MI, AL, TN and Kentucky. This region potentially supports approximately six (6) Highland Games and Gatherings annually.

Duties: The Commissioner (RC) is the primary Society Leader/Representative for the Region. The RC seeks out and gathers support to sustain membership and further the goals and objectives of the Society. The RC puts together a management team to support activities in the Region, prepares and manages an annual budget, supports the Clan Awards and Scholarship Programs, supports youth programs and helps develop leadership within the Society. The RC serves at the pleasure of the CHS President.

Candidate Qualifications: Candidates should have experience convening Highland games. Also, desired is an ability to communicate well, a proactive attitude and a willingness to help further the goals and objectives of the Clan Henderson Society. Management/Leadership experience is an important plus and a successful candidate should be able to write short articles and have a familiarity with Excel spreadsheets. Candidates are expected to be able to communicate by email and on the internet and should have read the Clan Manual, Part B, before applying for the position.

If interested: Submit a photograph and written text addressing why you want to be a Regional Commissioner and why you believe you are qualified to the CHS President, Larry Henderson. Submission can be by email or US Postal Service.