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The Clan Henderson Society has permission from the National Library of Scotland to allow the download and reprinting of the map of Scotland, Scotia Regnum, created and published in 1654.  The version you can download from our website is a modified version of Scotia Regnum that shows the origins of the Clan Henderson.

Ancinet Henderson Map

The Henderson Origins on Joan Blaeu’s 1654 Scotia Regnum map, is reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland.  To download a Hi-Resolution copy of the map, Click Here.  Once you have downloaded the file, we recommended you take it to a printer or office supply store (like Staples or Office Max) to have it printed and mounted.  This file/map is not for commercial reproduction.


In 1629 Dutchman Willem Blaeu, who produced and sold scientific instruments, globes and maps, as well as being  a publisher and engraver, bought the copper-plates of several dozens of maps.  By 1634 Willem had accumulated enough expertise and reputation that he announced, along with his son Joan, he would publish “full” atlases.  These came out in a series of publications that began in 1635.  When Joan took over publication in 1638, he continued to expand the size, scope and number of volumes of atlases published by his firm.  Joan Blaeu’s,  Atlas Major, published first in 1662, was the largest and most expansive book published in the seventeenth century.  Joan died in 1673 and after his death the firm, started by his father, went bankrupt.

Additional Research:

If you are interested in other maps of Scotland, you may find more by visiting the National Library of Scotland’s map web-site.  Click Here.

Some have noted that the Clan Crest and shield depicted on the bottom of the map is Clan Hamilton.  For an explanation, Click Here.