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The MacEanruig’s, the proud sons of Henry, welcome you to the Clan Henderson Society!

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Sola Virtus Nobilitat (Virtue Alone Enobles)


The sons of Henry (MacEanruig) are a family as old as any clan in the Highlands.  In modern times, Clan Henderson traces lineage through the Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson, Alistair of Fordell.  However, in times more distant Henderson’s can claim descent from a King of the Picts and down through five unique bloodlines evolving from the regions of Caithness, Fordell, Glencoe, Shetlands/Liddesdale and Ulster.  Henderson’s from the Glencoe region have strong ties to the MacDonald Clan and were renowned as pipers and bodyguards to the Glencoe MacDonald Chief (MacIan). Henderson’s from the Caithness region have ties to the Clan Gunn.


“The Henderson’s Are Here!”



Sons of Henry Surnames

Henderson is the most common surname for the son's of Henry, but is far from being the only name. Below are some of the other surnames found in our great clan!

  • D'Handresson
  • Eanrig
  • Eanruig
  • Enderson
  • Endherson
  • Endirsone
  • Henders
  • Henderson
  • Hendersone
  • Hendersonne
  • Hendersoun
  • Hendersoune
  • Hendery
  • Hendirsone
  • Hendirsoune
  • Hendrie
  • Hendrisoune
  • Hendry
  • Henersoun
  • Hennersoune
  • Hennryson
  • Henresoun
  • Henreysoun
  • Henriesoun
  • Henrison
  • Henrisone
  • Henrisoun
  • Henrisoune
  • Henry
  • Henryesson
  • Henryson
  • Henrysoun
  • Kendrick
  • Kenrick
  • MacCanrig
  • MacCanrik
  • MacEanruig
  • MacEnrick
  • MacHendric
  • MacHendrie
  • MacHendry
  • MacHenrie
  • MacHenrik
  • MacHenry
  • MacKanrig
  • MacKendric
  • MacKendrich
  • MacKendrick
  • MacKendrie
  • MacKendrig
  • MacKendry
  • MacKenrick
  • Makanry
  • Makhenry
  • McHenry
  • McKendree
  • McKendrick
  • McKendry